About First Lady Dr. Elizabeth Osei-Acheampong

First LadyLady Dr. Elizabeth Osei-Acheampong was called by the Apostle Dr. Emmanuel Osei-Acheampong to be a prophetess in the ministry. She is the President of the Christian Women Auxiliary (CWA), Chief of Staff of the Universal Calvary Church, Director of the Universal Calvary Church Mass Choir, one of our excellent counselors, a mediator, a loving mother and friend to all. Lady Dr. Acheampong is truly and overcomer and more than a conqueror. The strength that she exudes by the grace of the Almighty God is a source of admiration and motivation for the congregants of Universal Calvary Church. She continues to encourage all that come to the ministry, reassuring them through her testimonies that we serve the God of possibilities, whereas with men its impossible, with God all things are possible.


The First Lady’s day usually starts at six in the morning and if it’s a good day she’ll be in bed by midnight. Within that time span she’ll be praying for congregants, visiting the sick, counseling the congregants, overseeing the administration of the Universal Calvary Church, interceding on behalf of anyone who needs intercession, going to various schools to meet with the teachers and/or principals to help resolve any issues that might negatively affect the success of the youth or children of the Universal Calvary Church. She does her best to ensure that her husband is well taken care of, the home is clean, and in readiness to receive anyone who comes to their home.  She loves to learn new things, and is most excited when she receives new knowledge and understanding. She also gets excited when a group of people come together to accomplish any given task. Knowledge and teamwork excites her.

Lady Dr. Elizabeth Osei-Acheampong’s advice to married women

Her advice to married women is, “know to whom you are married. Do not allow outside distraction to influence your behavior in your relationship. Remember to always honor and respect your husband, because you are his crown. Be the best wife you can be to the husband you have. Remember that you set the temperature in the home, so be a wise woman and build your home on Godly principles". One of her many counsels is that Women should not seek to be right, but seek to be peacemakers at all times. They should be a helpers and not competitors.

Lady Dr. Elizabeth Osei-Acheampong’s advice to single women

Her sound advice to single women is to, “Get knowledge. Remember we are destroyed for lack of knowledge, so strive to attain knowledge in all 7 areas of your life, because in order to be a good woman, mother and wife, you must have knowledge. Be the best woman that God will have you to be. If you want to marry, equip yourself with the knowledge of how to make and maintain a happy home for you, your husband and your children".

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