The Benefits of Sound Doctrine

What would Sound Doctrine do for you in your present Life?

  1. Keeps you alive
  2. Keeps you out of trouble
  3. Keeps you from falling and backsliding (stay with God)
  4. Keeps you praising and worshipping God for everything.
  5. God blesses you with long Life by showing you how to please Him.
  6. It leads you to progress and success in Life.
  7. It teaches you to make good choices and good decisions in Life.
  8. It helps you to choose your friends wisely (Proverbs 12:26.)
  9. It gives you wisdom to excel in your chosen careers.

Be reminded that "Sound Doctrine produces Sound Mind, That makes Sound Choices, That leads to Peace of Mind, To Destination Success in Life".  Whose life? My life, and the life of anyone who follows/studies/does Sound Doctrine!

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