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Kingdom New Life

  • What are the days and time of services?
  • Can I use my talent in the kingdom?
  • How do I become an E-Member/Physical Member?
  • Who do I contact for name and address change?
  • How do I find out more about the different Ministries in the Kingdom of God? Can I connect and get involve?
  • What are the weekly schedule of practices?
  • Can I order Holy Miracle Anointing Oil from the Miracle Center?
  • Does the kingdom of God provide singing lesson, music lesson, and dance / drama lesson?
  • Does the kingdom provide academic help and Career services advisement?
  • As a member does the Kingdom of God offer marital/pre-marital counselling?
  • As a member in case I go to the Hospital who do I contact?
  • What is HUHTC?

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Universal Calvary Church

109 - 20 Sutphin Blvd
Jamaica NY, 11435


718 297-5354


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